Group Coaching – GLOW!

Glow is a 6-month accountability and support group that will advance your personal development and healing journey by igniting your inner glow.

Each month you will receive:

  • Two live group calls per month
  • A 15 minute one-to-one call
  • A guided meditation
  • A new recipe


  • Complimentary Book Tribe Membership
  • 1-day retreat in San Diego


Through this program you will:

  • Raise your energetic frequency to attract more of what you desire
  • Radiate from the inside out so that you feel energized and lighter
  • Ignite your glow by connecting with other light-workers
  • Share your glow with everyone you interact with

We focus on:

  • Nourishing your body with healing foods
  • A non-diet approach to achieve your healthy weight
  • Creating a healthier relationship with your body
  • Developing positive mindset and positive self-talk
  • Connecting to your intuition
  • Following your soul calling

Glow will help you to:

  • Eat healthy consistently
  • Prioritize your health
  • Improve your level of self-care
  • Create healthy boundaries with your relationships and career
  • Surround yourself with a built-in support team

Additional information

Glow Payment Options

Pay in full $1997, 6 monthly payments $375


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