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I’m Here to Activate Your

Full Feminine Power

Hello beautiful,

I’m here to activate your full Feminine power so that you can create a soul-aligned life and be the Lightworker that you were born to be.

I will support you to reconnect with your Feminine energy and deepen your self-confidence to magnetize the wealth, love, and freedom that your soul is yearning for.

I promise to listen with unconditional love, to hold space for the ups and downs, to celebrate & challenge you to dream bigger.

I will empower you to become an embodied Feminine Leader and to be the most fully-expressed version of yourself.

Today I live a life of freedom, abundance, and purpose. I’ve built a multiple 6-figure business, am surrounded by deep authentic relationships, and can genuinely say that I LOVE my life.

However, my life didn’t always look this way…

In 2017, I was brought to my knees when I was contemplating a divorce at 27 years old.

My soul was screaming at me, and my intuition was trying to get my attention through chronic health issues, clinical depression, and panic attacks. Everything on the outside looked picture perfect but on the inside, I was experiencing a spiritual crisis.

I dove head-first into the world of personal development and spirituality. I got my 200hr Yoga Teacher certification, became an Eating Psychology Coach, read as many self-help books I could get my hands on, binged on my favorite podcasts, and eventually hired my first spiritual coach.

After 3 years of deep soul searching, I made the hardest decision of my life and ended my marriage. For the first time in my life, I ditched the people-pleasing and started to create a life that was authentic to my soul.

Since then, I have…