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Activate Your Feminine Frequency and Empower Your Mindset

With over 160,000 downloads and 190+ episodes to choose from, you are guaranteed to find endless wisdom and inspiration.

The Feminine Frequency is a podcast for women who are ready to listen to their intuition, turn up their happiness, and tap into their feminine energy to attract abundance, manifest love, and create a life that is in alignment with their soul’s true desires. This podcast provides a variety of tools to get you out of overwhelm and reconnect with your heart, your body, and your soul.

Other Media Features

Amy has been featured on the following podcasts.

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Luscious Hustle

The Spiritual Science Behind Shifting Your Mindset

Sacred Leaders

The Rising of the Feminine

La Lokahmotive

Raising your Feminine Frequency

Where money meets soul

Energetic Alignment BEFORE Taking Action

Live on Purpose

The Feminine Frequency with Amy Natalie

Imperfectly Ambitious

Create More Ease by Tapping into Your Feminine Energy in Health, Relationships, and Business

The Aligned Entrepreneur

Alignment, Embodiment, and Creating Your Own Markers of Success

The Goal Digger

How to Activate Your Confidence as an Entrepreneur

New Truth Podcast

Sacred, Sexy Boundaries

Spark Intention

Tapping into Your Intuition

Real Girl Talk Podcast

Getting Into The Flow Of Abundance

Cyclical Podcast

Embodiment and Setting Sacred Boundaries

Cup of Queens

Manifestation Mindset

Pillow Talk

Activate Your Intuition

Okay Sis?

Mental Health Chats: A Raw and Vulnerable Conversation with Scout's Coach Amy Natalie

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