Say good-bye to fear

It’s time to Own YOUR CONFIDENCE

Say good-bye to fear

It’s time to Own YOUR CONFIDENCE

Say good-bye to fear

It’s time to Own


Ready to release self-doubt, trust your intuition, and make an impact?

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Well beautiful, you are in the right place!!!

My Name is Amy

I’m here to show you that it is 100% POSSIBLE to overcome your fears, doubts, and negative self-talk so that you can be confident in your choices, comfortable in your own skin, and wake up feeling excited to start your day.

If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that HAPPINESS is your birthright and that you are meant to experience a life that brings you joy, freedom, pleasure, and fulfillment.

So LOVE, are you ready to ditch your fears and feel confident every day?

Is a podcast for women who are ready to listen to their intuition, turn up their happiness, and tap into their feminine energy to attract abundance, manifest love, and create a life that is in alignment with their soul’s true desires. This podcast provides a variety of tools to get you out of overwhelm and reconnect with your heart, your body, and your soul.

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Group Coaching

This 6-month group coaching experience is designed to support you in releasing self-doubt, remove your mindset blocks, and to rediscover your confidence.

This is an intimate coaching experience that is designed for women who are ready to transform their life. Through this journey you will learn how to trust yourself, feel amazing in your body, take action in your career, and develop deep authentic relationships in your life.

New Moon Collective

These once a month in-person gatherings are designed to meet like-minded women, discover your new moon intentions, and celebrate your wins. You’ll learn how to cultivate deeper, more authentic, and vulnerable relationships and leave feeling supported, inspired, and connected.

Success Stories

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Watch this interview to learn how Megan stepped out of her comfort, elevated her confidence and trusted her intuition.

“I feel so much more connected to who I really am and to what I want.”

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Watch how this busy mom-preneur went from feeling anxious to feeling grounded in her marriage and business.

“I’m actually letting myself feel- it feels good to release my emotions. I know that I have the tools to move through them.”

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Watch how Nafsika invited more feminine energy into her #bossbabe lifestyle and healed her negative relationship with food.

“I now know that I’m more than my job and I’m more than my body.”

My Story

Am I Willing To Risk It All?

This question was on repeat and my mind felt like it was on FIRE. My inner critic kept feeding me fears saying “you are going to be alone,” “do you really think that it’s possible to have it all?” “everyone you love is going to be disappointed.”

Up until this moment in my life, I had made all of my choices based on pleasing other people. I was terrified of looking bad and making other people upset.

But when I looked around at my life, I was so empty, unfulfilled, and unhappy.

Even though everything looked ‘picture-perfect’ in my life, inside I was completely miserable.

After years of therapy, searching for the answers in personal-development books, and listening to podcasts, I finally surrendered and asked the Universe for guidance.

My faith and courage became greater than my fear. I took the leap. I filed for divorce and left an entire life behind me, including my old identity of the ‘good girl’ the ‘people pleaser’ and a woman who didn’t really know who she was.

I now live a life that is true to my soul.

A life where I: