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Episode 220

Increasing Your Capacity For Pleasure + Infusing Feminine Energy into Business

with Sabi Kerr
I’m joined by Sabi Kerr, a self-love coach, feminine embodiment guide, and leadership mentor. We dive into all things pleasure, embodiment, and business.

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What to expect

I’m joined by Sabi Kerr, a self-love coach, feminine embodiment guide, and leadership mentor. In this conversation, we dive into what inspired her to infuse pleasure and embodiment into her business and relationships, and what the catalyst was for her to start exploring her sensuality and body in a whole new way. 

There’s something about a woman moving her body that brings her back to her natural essence in a way that talking and writing doesn’t, which is why Sabi incorporates movement into her innovative coaching style. We discuss how to access the deeper wisdom that the body has and what it looks like for a woman to come back home to her body and receive more pleasure. 

We touch on the duality of being able to experience both pain and pleasure, and Sabi shares her top tools for moving through the full spectrum of emotions. It takes an enormous amount of strength to choose feeling over numbing, but the growth on the other side of that is unmatched. Listen in to hear our conversation on all things pleasure, embodiment, and business. 

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Topics Covered:

  • Sabi’s personal journey around pleasure and embodiment 
  • What having a feminine-led business looks like to Sabi
  • Creating a deep sense of safety and trust in your own body 
  • Sabi’s recommendation for how to break through fear and discomfort around embodiment 
  • Discovering your own way of doing business that feels authentic and nourishing 

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