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Episode 223

Exploring the Feminine Archetypes + Activating Feminine Leadership

with Mel Wells
Mel Wells and I explore what the seven Jungian feminine archetypes are and how to embody their powerful energy.

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What to expect

I’m joined by Mel Wells, a best-selling Hay House author, global speaker, and leading coach with almost a decade of experience helping women to step into their full expression of feminine power. For three years, Mel has been studying the Jungian feminine archetypes and integrating the wisdom of this knowledge into her business, personal life, and relationships. In today’s episode, we explore what these archetypes are and how to embody their powerful energy. 

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung coined the seven female archetypes that describe how women operate. Mel shares an overview of what the mother, the maiden, the queen, the huntress, the sage, the mystic, and the lover represent. She dives into how she’s currently calling in more mothering energy and cultivating a sense of safety in her own body. We touch on some of the shadows and elevated traits of the queen and the huntress archetypes, and Mel describes how she embodies healthy queen energy in her business and romantic relationships. 

Mel and I discuss our hopes for what this new paradigm of leadership looks like for people who are connected to their feminine energy. We envision a future where women can express their big visions for the world and pursue them together in community. Tune in to learn more about feminine archetypes and tools that can support you in your divine feminine journey. 

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Topics Covered:

  • How Mel found the work of feminine archetypes and why she’s so passionate about teaching about them 
  • Tangible examples of what each archetype looks like in practice 
  • Creating safety in the nervous system through self-love and self-compassion
  • The transformation that Mel has seen in her business as a result of really connecting to her heart space

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