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I am forever grateful that Amy entered my life when she did – at a time when I felt powerless, out of control and trapped under dark, heavy emotions of anxiety and overwhelm.  My journey with Amy was nothing short of amazing. I can confidently say she changed my life for the best and truly helped me get my power back. Ultimately, Amy helped me heal in ways I didn’t think possible. I feel confident in my ability to effectively cope with my anxiety and I truly feel like I am actually living my life – a life that is fulfilling and lights me up.

Amy is a gift. I felt deeply connected to her after only one session. She is warm and nurturing and can push you to go further inward. She challenged me to confront emotions, thoughts and habits I didn’t know existed. I am still in awe at her ability to know exactly what to talk about and when to talk about it. Amy will give you the tools you need and can integrate into your life in order to live as your true, authentic and powerful self.

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