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I started coaching with Amy when I was going through a major life transition after getting out of a toxic three-year relationship and working with her was the most transformative experience of my life. I was lacking confidence, independence, self-worthiness, and trust in myself and the universe. I was seeking guidance on how to create the life I desired, and after our 20-minute client discovery call, I knew she was the right coach to work with.

Amy provided me with so many tools to shift my mindset and helped me identify limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had. She was very supportive, empowering, fun, present, and encouraged my growth every step of the way. I now feel in alignment with living my authentic truth, I have learned to love and trust myself, understand what it feels like to truly surrender, no longer judge myself for my decisions, and have a stronger relationship with god/the Universe. On top of all of this, I attracted a romantic partnership that is everything I’ve ever desired and more! I know I would not be in the place I am in my life today if it weren’t for this last year working with Amy. I am forever grateful and know the investment was 100% worth it. She is absolutely amazing!

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