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Episode 269

Pleasure As a Gateway for Healing and Transformation

with Naema Pierce

What to expect

In today’s episode, Naema walks us through how to access the deepest layers of transformation that lay hidden in our bodies. She guides us via the lens of a pelvic specialist and women’s sex coach, helping women overcome pain, shame and disconnection in their sexuality through pleasure practices.  

A significant number of women experience sexual trauma throughout their lives, and most of us lack the tools or support to integrate these experiences. Instead, we go through our lives holding the shame in our bodies, which manifests as tension, pain, and an inability to access our pleasure. While we’ve normalized seeking out massage for conditions like back aches and neck pain, there is a prevalent stigma around doing bodywork for the tension we hold in our pelvic floor and inside of our yonis. The greatest transformations emerge when we’re able to explore our tender humanness in its entirety rather than trying to overlook our pain and shadows. 

Tune into this conversation to learn how to access your soft primal essence and find greater depths of pleasure in your life. 


  • How Naema’s pregnancy release led her on the path to being a pelvic specialist. 
  • The importance of supporting women throughout our many rites of passages. 
  • How trauma is stored in the body, and why dissolving shame is the antidote. 
  • Accessing altered states of consciousness through self-touch. 
  • Why yoni massage can be the key to unwinding the tension preventing you from having a thriving sex life. 
  • Re-shaping what it means to be spiritual through the path of tantra. 
  • How our shadows are the most direct portal to our deepest transformation. 
  • Why slowing down is the key to coming home to your body.  

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