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Episode 229

Burnout to Thriving: Soul Client Interview

with Bethany
I’m joined by my Soul Client Bethany to discuss her story and how spiritual mentorship has transformed her life. Between identifying burnout, developing her intuition, and connecting to her truth, Bethany has been able to work through her depression and show up as her best version for herself and her family.

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What to expect

When I first met Bethany, she was feeling isolated, lost, and caught up in the rollercoaster of having three kids in five years. She found my podcast and tried out some self-help books, but eventually realized that private mentorship was the next step to really getting out of the dark space that she was in. While working together, we were able to identify the burnout that Bethany was experiencing and discover what she needed in order to show up as her best version for herself and her family. 

Bethany and I dive into how she’s developed her sense of self-love and self-compassion, and elaborate on how she’s been able to tune in and make decisions from a place of truth. She highlights how her spiritual journey has made a positive impact on her family and marriage, and how she’s shifted to making decisions that are in alignment with her goals. 

We also touch on the resistance that a lot of women experience around asking for support and receiving help. Bethany talks about the mom guilt that she often felt when she put herself first and describes how she’s been working through that. She opens up about the thoughts that came up for her when it came to investing in one-on-one coaching and why she’s so happy that she took the leap.

Listen in to hear Bethany’s story and how spiritual mentorship has transformed her life. 

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Topics Covered:

  • What inspired Bethany to seek out for private mentorship 
  • How Bethany was able to recognize and accept that she was in state of burnout 
  • Learning how to operate by tuning in and choosing what feels best
  • How mindset and spiritual work have been supportive in Bethany’s health journey 
  • What Bethany particular resonates with when it comes to my coaching and mentoring process
  • Bethany’s vision for living her best life from a truthful place and inspiring others 


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