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Fully Nourished

The Spiritual Nutritionist 12 Week Fully Nourished Group Coaching Program is designed to transform your relationship with food and your body.


Fully Nourished =

Nourish your body + Nourish your mind + Follow Your Heart

Instead of searching outside of yourself for the next diet or exercise program, it’s time to turn within for the answers. Nutrition has become far more overwhelming than it needs to be. Learning how to listen to your body and your emotions IS the answer to success.

Many approaches that you have tried up until this point to lose weight and to address your health symptoms are behavioral based. They do not address your belief system and mindset.

All of our actions are controlled by our thoughts. If we do not address our mindset then we will continue to go back to the same eating and lifestyle habits. Our minds are incredibly powerful- they even have the ability to change how we feel physically.

During this transformation process you will not only address both the physical and emotional blocks that are holding you back. It’s time to create the change that you truly want. It’s time to feel happier, healthier, more energetic, more confident, and free from all the guilt and shame around food and your body.

This program is for you if:

You are tired of dieting and know that your mindset is blocking you from success


You feel uncomfortable in your body


You struggle with emotional eating


You know that dieting does not work for you


You feel confused about what to eat and when to eat


You have unresolved health issues even after trying several medical interventions


You are tired of feeling tired


You experience stress and/or anxiety on a daily basis


You are READY to make a change


You are interested in developing a spiritual practice


This program is NOT for you if:

You want an instant, overnight, “magic” pill to make change without working for it
You want someone else to do the “work” for you


Are hesitant to make a change with your mindset


You want a strict list of foods to eat/foods to avoid


You are looking for another diet plan or meal plan


What’s included

  • Live coaching calls with Q & A
  • Live guided meditations
  • Video library
  • Take-action worksheets
  • Recipe library
  • Intimate small group setting

Sample Weekly Curriculum

  1.     Discover who you are as an eater
  2.     Develop a mindful eating practice
  3.     Digestion, auto-immunity, energy and more!
  4.     How to overcome emotional eating
  5.     Setting healthy boundaries in all areas of your life
  6.     Address stress, anxiety, and negative thought patterns
  7.     Identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  8.     Get connected to your spirituality and intuition
  9.     Pantry makeover and healthy cooking (week of instructional videos)
  10.  Develop a confident body-image
  11.  Explore your femininity, and step into your personal “flow”
  12.  Blossom into your fullest expression

To take the first step towards being fully nourished click the  button below to fill out a quick intake form and schedule a call with Amy to see if this is a good fit.

The intention behind your Fully Nourished journey is to feel good! To not only feel great physically but also to feel confident, happy, free, and aligned with your true self.