An invitation to aspiring Soulpreneurs...

who want to confidently step into their

true calling

What if you could release yourself from self-doubt and


And step into your true purpose as a healer, coach,

and empowered feminine entrepreneur?

Join Soul Calling Accelerator, a 12-week Feminine Leadership program, to transform your freedom (and happiness!) by gaining the clarity and confidence to:



An invitation to aspiring Soulpreneurs
who want to confidently step into their true calling

What if you could release yourself from self-doubt and second-guessing…

And step into your true purpose as a healer, coach, and empowered feminine entrepreneur?

Join Soul Calling Accelerator, a 12-week Feminine Leadership program, to transform your freedom (and happiness!) by gaining the clarity and confidence to:



Hey Powerful Woman...

Before we dive in, I want to CELEBRATE you for all of the inner work that you have done to get to where you are today. 

After reading self-help books, going through certification programs, and  listening to motivational podcasts (maybe even mine!), you have developed a high level of self-awareness.

You know deep down that you’re here to make a difference in the world but you still feel like you’re standing in the way of FULLY stepping into your purpose. 

Every day that passes in your current job you feel exhausted, uninspired, and frustrated that you are wasting your time and energy. 

You dream of doing work that lights your soul on fire, of making your own schedule, and of having enough money to travel and support your lifestyle. 

But even though you have big dreams and desires, you feel stuck and afraid. 

You know that you are capable of SO MUCH more...

but your external reality continues to stay the same.

Your soul has been speaking to you for a long time now - it is calling you forward to share your gifts with the world. But you keep procrastinating and getting stuck in the vicious cycle of self-doubt.

You know that you are no longer willing to stay stuck and you are SO ready to make a change. 

I know that it can feel scary and, at times, nearly impossible to create the career and lifestyle of your dreams. 

Even though in your heart and soul you want nothing more than to pursue your passions and make a positive impact through your work, you question if you really have what it takes.

You wonder, “Am I ready yet?” “How will I support myself?” “Who am I to do this?”

And on top of all this, you wish that you didn’t care so much about what your friends and family think if you go down this unconventional path. 

Every time you get motivated and inspired to take action toward your purpose, your inner critic gets even louder and you can’t help but FREEZE. 

The most frustrating part is that you know that no one else is stopping you other than yourself.

Up until now, you’ve consumed a ton of information and consciously know what you ‘should’ be doing, but you still find yourself in a cycle of procrastination and self-sabotage. (ughhhh, trust me I’ve been there…the worst!) 

Underneath all of this frustration, there is something inside of you that keeps pulling you forward and you are not willing to settle for the current reality that you are in. 

You see other people living the life that you want to live and there is a part of you that knows that it’s possible for you too. You are committed to living a life for freedom, fulfillment, and having FUN along the way. 

And you know that what it’s going to take to get there is to fully step into your confidence and start living up to your fullest potential. 

Which makes you wonder…“What is it going to take to finally get out of my own way?”

What if I told you that there was a step-by-step process that could help you to embody your confidence so that you could finally take the leap and launch your soul-aligned career?  

Well, babe, there is, and you’re in the right place :) 

Hey there!

I’m Amy Natalie. Women’s empowerment coach, Feminine embodiment guide, and the host of the Feminine Frequency podcast. 

After struggling with digestive issues and depression in my early 20s, I sought out Holistic methods for my own healing and became super passionate about sharing the wisdom I received with others. 

In 2012 I went back to school to become a Certified Nutritionist and Holistic Health coach. After graduating, I was SO excited to finally start helping people. The only problem was… all of my fears and self-doubt kept getting in the way of taking action toward my dreams. 

For the first 3 years I felt confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. I got so tired of standing in my own way which eventually led me to the world of personal development and mindset work.

My biggest secret to creating the multiple 6-figure coaching business that I have today is learning how to overcome my own self-doubt and embodying my confidence so that I can show up as the feminine leader and spiritual mentor that I came here to be. 

And after working through years of online courses, coaching, and deep personal work - and while there is a lot of information online helping spiritual women get unstuck - there was a big gap in the market to what women truly needed, to help them successfully step into their purpose.

In true Soulpreneur fashion, I felt the deep calling to fill this gap and create a comprehensive framework - the 4 Soulpreneur Pillars - that encompasses all of the essential components into one place.



Having a confidence-based mindset to believe in your magic, to put yourself out there, and attract financial abundance. 


Developing a deep connection with your feminine body to align with your intuition and unapologetically show up as your authentic self. 


Creating a customized business strategy - that is in alignment with your values - to provide support and structure so that you can take clear-aligned action.  


Receiving high-touch mentorship and sisterhood support to stay in the flow of inspiration and never feel alone on your journey. 

It’s these four pillars, that when delivered simultaneously and implemented correctly, have given women all over the globe a new level of satisfaction and a new confidence about the direction they are going with their life. Getting started without these four pillars in place is where things become WAY harder than they need to be.

It’s also the four pillars that I struggled to find other life and business coaches facilitating (in a streamlined, manageable way) when I first started the journey myself.

So a decade later, I created it.

That’s why it’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to….


On this soul-activating journey you will learn how to:

  • Deepen your connection with your intuition and trust yourself to follow your inner guidance

  • Overcome self-doubt and embody unshakeable confidence to step into your purpose

  • Cultivate daily spiritual practices to connect with your soul and energetic alignment

  • Balance your masculine and feminine energy to increase creativity, and productivity. 

  • Develop an abundance mindset to become an empowered wealth creator




Uncover your subconscious beliefs so that you can get out of your own way and feel empowered on your Soulpreneur journey.

Module: Develop a Soulpreneur Mindset
Module: Alchemize Fear + Emotions

Module: Align with Abundance

You’ll succeed with:


This Pillar will offer you deeper clarity on your soul mission and confidence to navigate any fears or resistance that comes up along the way. 



Deepen your connection to your body and your truth so that you can show up as your most authentic and unapologetic self

Module: Embodying Trust + Surrender
Module: Activating Feminine Expression

Module: Cultivating Feminine Leadership

You’ll succeed with:


This pillar will leave you feeling connected to your creativity, your feminine power, and your intuition.



Take all of the ‘guessing’ and trying to figure it out on your own off the table and receive simple business guidance to develop a strong soul-aligned business foundation. 

Training: Soul-Aligned Messaging 

Training: Authentic Marketing Strategies 

Training: Create Your First Soul-Offer

Training: Streamlined Systems for Organization

Training: How to Start a Podcast

You’ll succeed with:


This pillar will offer you clear direction and tangible steps to build momentum and move your business forward. 



Receive high-level coaching and sisterhood support to stay in the energy of inspiration and never feel alone on your Soulpreneur journey.

Weekly SCA Group Sessions

Monthly Q + A Sessions

Daily Chat Support

You’ll succeed with:


This pillar will provide you with a deeper belief in yourself and a group of supportive and empowering soul sisters.

And to make sure you’re equipped with everything you need

You’ll also tap into these resources immediately upon enrollment…

When you join Soul-Calling Accelerator, you’ll also get three bonuses totaling $1,997 worth of additional gifts to support your progress and your success. Here is what you’ll get:

BONUS 1: Discover Your Confidence Course (VALUE $997)

A 6-week self-paced course to release self-doubt and develop unshakeable confidence.

BONUS 2: WILD Embodiment bundle (VALUE $444)

A 3-part embodiment series to feel more confident in your body and reconnect to your feminine energy.

BONUS 3: Empowered Abundance Challenge (VALUE $555)

A 5-day abundance training to release scarcity, feel empowered with money, and attract financial abundance.

Here’s A Recap of Everything Included:

  • Weekly Mindset Group Coaching Sessions (value $2,400) 
  • Feminine Embodiment Activations ($1,800)
  • Soulful Business Strategy Trainings ($1,500)
  • 12 weeks of Slack Channel coaching support ($1,200) 
  • Discover Your Confidence ($997)
  • Empowered Abundance Training ($555) 
  • WILD Embodiment Bundle ($444)

Total Value = $8,896


Payment Plan Available at 4 x $935


“I now know that I am capable of achieving my dreams!

After going through the program, I now know deeply that I am capable of achieving my dreams and that what I envision isn't wild and crazy, it's achievable. I have a much stronger sense of self-worth and belief. I was able to start taking real and empowered action towards starting my business which felt scary and exciting in the best way. Everyone in the program said they could see and feel a noticeable shift in my energy and I feel it too, and I wouldn't have gotten that without this program.

Amy is so intuitive and could feel into what each person from the group needed at each stage in the program. She created a beautiful safe space for all of us to share vulnerably and feel connected to one another. Her insight is invaluable and I'm so grateful I had the chance to work with her in this program.

- Ali Haymes, Self-Empowerment & Freedom Lifestyle Coach

Let’s make sure you’re in the perfect spot to receive the best results inside of Soul Calling Accelerator…

Soul Calling Accelerator IS for you if...

You are…

  • Ready to launch your own soul-aligned business and want to save yourself time, energy, and frustration?
  • In the beginning stages of your business and you want to show up more confidently and consistently?
  • Feeling stuck with how to move forward with your passions and are ready for guidance and support to accelerate your progress?

You have…

  • Been on your own personal growth/ spiritual healing journey that has inspired you to help others on their journey
  • Completed one or more certification programs but you still haven’t taken action toward building your business
  • Gotten crystal clear that you are no longer willing to work in a soul-sucking job and are committed to putting in the work to create a new career path

You want to…

  • Confidently and courageously step into your purpose
  • Get crystal clear about what your soul came here for
  • Feel confident in yourself as a feminine leader and business owner
  • Start earning an income through a career path that lights your soul on fire! Be supported by a positive, encouraging, and inspiring community

Soul Calling Accelerator is NOT for you if you…

  • Have no idea what you are passionate about or don’t want to start your own business
  • Are not ready to dedicate 1-2 hours per day toward your own personal growth
  • You just want to start a business because you want to make money
  • Aren’t willing to look at the blocks that are holding you back and don’t feel open to coaching
  • Have no interest in connecting with or supporting other women who are in the group program
  • Are not ready to invest in support and would rather keep trying to figure this out on your own

About Me

Hi Queen! I’m Amy Natalie, matcha lover, plant mama, and free spirit, and the passionate creator of the Soul Calling Accelerator. 

Over here in my world - I’m the go-to coach for all things confidence, feminine energy, and embodiment…. And I’m honored that you’ve found your way over here today. 

You may know me as the host of the Feminine Frequency podcast or as the spicy embodiment Queen from my IG account. There is nothing that lights me up more than tapping into my own Feminine power and inviting other women (like yourself!) to unapologetically do the same. 

After overcoming my own limiting beliefs and learning how to embody the confident feminine leader that I am today, I am completely in awe of the results that I’ve created in my life and business. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would own a multiple six-figure coaching business, doing what I love for work, surrounded by incredible soul sisters, living in a gorgeous home in a city that I absolutely adore, and having the freedom to travel the world, I wouldn’t have believed you. 

I’m on a mission to help you show up as your MOST empowered and confident self so that you can manifest your dream career and create your very own freedom-based lifestyle…. But most importantly to support you in having fun and how to courageously dance through the challenges that come up along the way! 

Xx, Amy

Here’s A Recap of Everything Included:

  • Weekly Mindset Group Coaching Sessions (value $2,400) 
  • Feminine Embodiment Activations ($1,800)
  • Soulful Business Strategy Trainings ($1,500)
  • 12 weeks of Slack Channel coaching support ($1,200) 
  • Discover Your Confidence ($997)
  • Empowered Abundance Training ($555) 
  • WILD Embodiment Bundle ($444)

Total Value = $8,896


Payment Plan Available at 4 x $935

Join Soul Calling Accelerator Before the Doors Close!


“I got clarity on my purpose and signed my first client!”

"My experience in Amy’s group program was life-changing. I entered this program with a vague idea of what my heart was calling me to do. I went from this vague idea to crystal clear clarity of what I am meant for. In my time in this program, I launched my business & website, created my first offer & signed my first client!

Amy's belief in me, continued support, guidance & love all empowered me and instilled a belief in me that can last through lifetimes.

I feel so full knowing I am living my true purpose & can't wait to see where this path leads."

- Jennie Lynn Corey, Women’s Relationship Coach

Here’s what others have asked before they joined Soul-Calling Accelerator:

[FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions]

Q: What can I expect when I join?

A: You can expect to receive high-level coaching and mentorship that will challenge and expand you into your next level of confidence and leadership. You’ll receive the tools, resources, and support that it takes to up-level your mindset and to embody your Queen identity. You can also expect to be surrounded by an incredibly supportive, encouraging, and empowering community of like-minded women who will lift you up and celebrate your progress along the way! 

Q: When do the calls take place?

A: We meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm EST starting on January 10th, 2023. Outside of our 75-minute group coaching session, each week you’ll need to dedicate 2-3 hours to your own personal practices and to complete the exercises and journal prompts that are provided. 

Q: I’ve already tried online courses and/or worked with another coach. How do I know this will help me?

A: I believe that all of the investments that you’ve made until now are an important part of your journey. Every time you invest in yourself, you learn something new and receive the exact lessons that you are meant to learn. If you are feeling drawn to this program and to working with me as your coach, I believe that your soul is guiding you here for a reason.

My commitment is to show up 100% for you throughout this process and empower you to get the results that you came here for. It’s not for me to convince you if this program is going to work for you. You have to DECIDE that it’s going to work and trust that I am the right coach for you.  As your coach, I will believe in you every step of the way. I will hold the vision for your success -  even when you feel afraid or unsure. And I will celebrate the sh*t out of you for the small and big victories. This is my promise to you. 

Q: What kind of support will I get if I’m stuck?

A: There are plenty of opportunities for receiving support during your SCA journey. During our weekly group sessions, you will have opportunities to ask questions AND we have a designated Q + A coaching session each month to make sure that you have the support that you need. In addition to the live sessions, you can also reach out for support through our Slack channel whenever you are feeling stuck. For an additional layer of support, you will be partnered with an accountability sister each month. 

Q: Do I need to have a clear business plan before this can help me?

A: Absolutely not. In this program, you will learn how to connect with your intuition to get clear on the next steps in launching or growing your business. We will also be working through any mindset or energetic blocks that may be stopping you from taking action on the steps you already know you need to take. In addition to using your intuition as a guide, you’ll receive plenty of guidance and practical business resources to get out of overwhelm and to have clear action steps. 

Q: Why should I join now and not next year?

A: My question for you is… how much longer are you willing to push your dreams to the wayside? Technically you could wait until next year but if what you have been doing so far isn’t working, then what are you waiting for?!

The sooner you lean in for support, the sooner you will receive the results that you have been dreaming of. That voice inside of you will keep getting louder until you finally listen to what your soul has been calling you to do for a long time now. Also babe, friendly reminder, this isn’t just about you…

There are people out there WAITING for your soul medicine. 


Here’s A Recap of Everything Included:

  • Weekly Mindset Group Coaching Sessions (value $2,400) 
  • Feminine Embodiment Activations ($1,800)
  • Soulful Business Strategy Trainings ($1,500)
  • 12 weeks of Slack Channel coaching support ($1,200) 
  • Discover Your Confidence ($997)
  • Empowered Abundance Training ($555) 
  • WILD Embodiment Bundle ($444)

Total Value = $8,896


Payment Plan Available at 4 x $935

Join Soul Calling Accelerator Before the Doors Close!


Time for some real talk...

Let’s take a peek into what not joining Soul-Calling Accelerator might look like… 

While you feel passionate about following your purpose and creating a career that offers you time and financial freedom, you continue to feel stagnant and frustrated with yourself that you haven’t made progress yet. 

And to make things worse, you keep showing up to a job that feels boring, stressful, and drains your life-force energy.

So let me keep it real with you… 

If you want different results, you can’t keep trying the same approach. I know how painful it can be to keep hitting your head on the wall (metaphorically speaking) over and over again. 

The fact is - listening to podcasts, reading self-help books, and taking short online courses are a great first step, but they are not the approach that will support you in this next phase of your growth to truly take the leap and embody your new identity. 

And staying in this vicious cycle of self-doubt and stagnancy isn’t the path that I want for you.

This, my love is exactly the reason why I created this group coaching program, to help passionate women like YOU to overcome self-doubt and gain the confidence to follow their soul-calling. 

The bottom line is, I know how important this goal is for you and how it is going to radically transform your life for the better. 

I can still remember the feeling when I started working with my dream clients and within a few short months I got to watch their lives change right in front of my eyes. I genuinely want you to have this feeling too. 

And because this is such an intimate and high-level coaching program, with deep devotion and care for every client - there will only be 14 spots available for this cohort. 

Will one of these spots be yours?! 

“I made HUGE leaps and bounds in my business.”

"Being in Amy’s group program came into my life at the perfect timing.  From the moment we met, I knew Amy was someone I could trust.

During this program, I launched my first course, moved my business into a new space, called in dream clients from all over the world, and balanced my masculine energy with my dominant feminine energy.

I made so many professional leaps and bounds and was also held gently when I was going through the personal loss of a friend. Amy and the other ladies in this group felt supportive and encouraging, they saw me for the Lightworker I am."

- Brittney Ellers, Physical Therapist + Pelvic Health Mentor

One final thing before you go…

I know that joining the Soul-Calling Accelerator might be a big and scary decision for you to make. Stepping into your soul-calling is one of the most courageous and vulnerable things that you will do in your lifetime. And I’m here to remind you that you are worthy of the abundance, fulfillment, and freedom that your soul has been searching for. 

I want you to know that you are FULLY capable of overcoming your self-doubt and becoming the confident healer, coach, and entrepreneur that you came here to be. Everything you desire is 100% available to you. Your desires are in your heart for a reason and they are not going to magically disappear, they will only get louder the longer you keep pushing them aside. 

So what do you say, sister? Are you READY to take the leap?! 

Your transformation begins the moment that you say YES to joining this extraordinary program. Take my hand, I am here to guide you. I’ll be here with you every step of the way. Let’s do this!

Xx, Amy