Miracle Mindset

Morning Challenge

The Miracle Mindset Morning Challenge is a free 5-day Facebook challenge to help you create a positive morning routine that sets your mindset up for healthy thoughts, habits, and choices throughout your day.

When we wake up in the morning we have two choices, we can either go into autopilot mode and continue the same habits that we always do, or we can intentionally feed it positive messages so that we can create new choices that lead to new habits that very quickly create positive changes in our lives.

Most people start their day by checking their phone or their e-mail and allowing external stimulus to determine their thoughts, their emotions and their mood.

By consistently starting your day by connecting to your soul, quieting your mind, and feeding your body messages that feel good, I can guarantee you that the results in your life cannot stay the same. 

I believe that the fastest way to transform your life is through implementing a simple morning practice and that is why I created the Miracle Mindset Morning Challenge.

Each challenge has an intentional theme to support you in upleveling different areas of your life.

You’ll get access to a new Challenge every 8-Weeks!

“The Miracle Mindset Morning challenge was a daily reminder that miracles are available to me anytime I chose love over fear.

It helped me shift my perspective of anxiety. I used to think that I would always experience anxiety and something I would just have to manage. Now, I believe I may always have fear based thoughts appear, but in an instant I can chose love which dissolves any anxiety.

Healing my anxiety is something I now believe is available to me. Thank you Amy for helping me shift my perspective and to always choose love.”


Amy’s Miracle Mindset Morning Challenge changed my life.

Seriously. I am a life-long health seeker and have been a practicing nutritionist for the last 5 years. I’ve read health promoting, self-growth and self-care books up the wazoo! But knowledge does not equal change.  I had been meditating on and off for about a year and saw some positive shifts in my life.

I wasn’t sure how much more a daily practice with a specific routine would make my life better. OMG, was I wrong. Amy’s Miracle Mindset Morning showed me how having a daily practice that is consistent has the power to exponentially up level my life!  

Her guidance through a simple yet powerful 10 minute morning routine was the key to my personal kingdom. My daily life has begun to bring daily gifts. My daily intention turns into action. My vision for my life has become clear all because each day begins with love, beauty and grace. I am grateful for the clarity and purpose I now have thanks to Amy’s challenge.


“I came across Amy’s Miracle Mindset Morning challenge when I had reached one of the lowest points in my life. I just ended a long-term relationship and moved to my parents house on the east coast. I asked the universe for guidance and when I found Amy’s challenge I was immediately inspired to take control of my mornings.

That was 3 months ago. My life couldn’t be more different – what I experience on the day-to-day, inside and out are extremely different. Today, I live in a city in California that feels like a dream. I am connecting with people who resonate with my soul and I feel more connected to myself than I ever have before. The biggest change in my life was starting my days with mediation and an intention.

The most impactful thing I took away from Amy’s challenge was shifting my mindset from “what do I intend to do today” to “who do I intend to BE today.” It was in that instant that realized I had a choice every morning of who I wanted to be. That one mindset shift radically changed my life.

What I’ve accomplished over the last 3 months and where I am today inspires me. I can’t believe what I was able to accomplish for myself once I took control of my morning. Thank you, Amy, for being that source of guidance and inspiration.”


“Thank you for helping me to create a better version of ME!  

The Miracle Morning Mindset was just what I needed to encourage and teach me how to start my day with vision, breath, mindfulness, and positivity.  Your program provided great instruction, beautiful insights, and hands on participation. I am thrilled to continue this journey. Thank you for the personalized feedback.  I honestly feel like I became friends with women from all over the country during our week together. It was comforting to have so many participants share their thoughts, dreams, and struggles and then to have Amy jump in and offer insight for us.  Thank you! I can’t wait to participate again to continue to receive the support.”


“I have wanted to implement a positive and consistent morning routine into my life for the last 6 months with no success. I know just how important it is to start my day off with consistency and intention but creating that was a struggle for me. I did not know where to begin.

I signed up for Amy’s morning mindset challenge with some apprehension about not being able to show up consistently each morning, and I was originally not sure how connecting on Facebook first thing in the morning would support me in creating what I wanted for my morning routine. However, I found it incredibly supportive for me.

This 7 day challenge is exactly what I needed to get this routine going for myself long term. I have been doing this routine for over 30 days now and while I have missed a day here and there, I know exactly what to do to bring myself back to a gratitude mindset. I even incorporate this same gratitude routine into my evenings as I get ready for bed.

Now that I have this foundation to build on, I have begun expanding my morning routine to incorporate a much longer daily planning session to keep my thoughts and day organized to get the most of my day.

Additionally, Amy gently coached me through a meditation routine when I was finding myself frustrated and unsure of the best approach for clearing my thoughts and starting fresh in the midst of an exercise.  

Thank you so much for creating this challenge and for your support through this process, Amy!” 


“Miracle mindset morning challenge with Amy was absolutely the pinnacle point for me in setting my daily intentions and honoring my own personal rituals.

It is something I continue to do and it is very essential to setting the tone of my day and creating space for self-care.”


“Amy radiates positivity and truly cares about her role in helping others. I participated in Amy’s miracle mindset 5-day challenge and found that it provided the perfect space to connect on a daily basis and move through my day with more intention. Her meditations are peaceful as well as insightful. It is my hope to expand my involvement and highly recommend her programs.”


“If you haven’t worked with Amy yet, or done one of her challenges, this is something you totally GET to do! This beautiful woman oozes grace, compassion, love, connection & flow.

Her Miracle Mindset Morning challenge was a wonderful addition to my morning routine and supported me in setting my day up with a healthy & loving mindset toward my body. Throughout the day when I would find myself becoming self-critical, the daily mantras were perfect in shifting me back to a place of love and what is true about who I am.

I am beyond grateful for Amy and her commitment to women in healing our relationship with our bodies.”


Amy’s Miracle Mindset Morning Challenge was life-changing.

An important part of the challenge was reflecting on our day and sharing our miracles in the group. Well, on on the night of January 22, I wrote about my day where I was telling the Enterprise agent about my upcoming move to San Diego. She told me about her sister who just moved to San Diego and loved it; so she gave me her card in case I needed help finding a place. As I was typing that miracle, I thought to myself, “I bet someone in this group can help me find a place.” Ten minutes later, a gal in the facebook group replied that she didn’t have a miracle to post until she saw my comment. She said that she was looking for someone to move in February 4. The same day I was planning on moving out of my current place! We connected off FB, I ended up visiting her place a week later (January 29), introduced our dogs and moved in 7 days later. Our dogs became instant friends and so did we!

A valuable lesson I learned is that when we notice and share the mini miracles in our lives, we are open to receiving bigger miracles than we could ever imagine!