Light Up Your Life

A 10-week journey to find your happiness from within, create a life that you love, and share your gifts with the world.

Hi Beautiful,

I want you to know that you CAN have it all. That anything you put your mind to IS POSSIBLE. 

And that no matter how challenging life may seem right now, that there is something greater available for you. 

happiness is your birthright.

 You are worthy of creating a life that LIGHTS YOU UP. 

I know that you have already done a lot of self-discovery and that maybe you have even tried to ‘fix’ yourself.

But I am here to remind you that there is NOTHING to fix. There is nothing wrong with you.

The only thing that you need to learn how to do is to get out of your own way. 

So that you can access the light, the joy, the passion that already exists inside of you. 

Your beautiful mind is SO SO powerful.

And it can either hold you back from the joy that is available to you OR it can be used to MANIFEST everything that you have been dreaming of.

I am here to show you that you don’t need to TRY SO HARD to be happy.

I am here to provide you with the tools that will shift you out of the thoughts that are keeping you stuck. So that you can access the love, joy, and abundance that is available to you.

Picture this…

♥ You wake up in the morning feeling energized and excited about your day.

♥ At the end of the day, you go to sleep feeling confident, empowered, and happy.

♥ Other people comment all the time that you are ‘glowing’ and ask what you are doing?!

♥ Little things bring you joy and you find yourself smiling, laughing, or dancing, ‘just because’.

♥ Creative ideas come to you easily and you take inspired action toward your goals.

♥ You navigate challenging situations and transitions with ease and grace.

♥ At the end of the day, you go to sleep feeling fulfilled, knowing that you made a difference.

How does that sound to you?!

Are you ready to LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE?

Let's do this!

It’s your turn to let the clouds in your mind (the self-doubt, the judgment, the comparison) fade away and allow the sunshine to illuminate your joy, passion, and vitality to SHINE from within.

Before you decide that you are ready to LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE, read the details below to confirm that this is the right program for you.

This program is for you if…

You want to stop looking for answers outside of yourself and learn how to trust your intuition.
You are tired of repeating the same patterns over and over again and ready to go after your dreams.
You know that there is a deeper level of happiness available and are committed to creating a life that fulfills you.

Are you ready to…

Experience a new level of energy, vitality and aliveness
Feel empowered with your thoughts, moods, and emotions
Increase the joy, clarity, and abundance in your life.

What you’ll discover…

♥ Illuminate the fears, doubts and blocks that are keeping you stuck

♥ Cultivate a loving relationship with yourself

♥ Embody your feminine essence

♥ Clarity on your vision and purpose

♥ Take inspired action toward your dreams

♥ Connect to your intuition and reignite your joy

♥ Become a powerful manifestor with ease

We’ll use a combination of simple strategies to SHIFT your mindset with thoughts, beliefs, and habits that lead you back to your best self.


     The three main schools of philosophy that you’ll be learning about in this course are:

    1. Mindfulness– the practice of being present to develop self-awareness and clarity
    2. Neuroscience– the science of how your mind works with specific exercises to change your mindset
    3. Quantum physics– the science of how energy works and how to use the law of attraction to magnetize your dream life.

    What’s included

    ♥ 8 group coaching calls*

    ♥ 8x educational modules

    ♥ 2x Full Moon circles**

    ♥ 1x individual vision call

    ♥ 1x individual connection call

    Group Coaching Calls

    Designed to be educational, inspiriting, and supportive. During each of these calls you’ll have space to share about your progress, ask questions, get coaching, and feel supported by the other women in the group. You’ll learn how to up-level your life with the Light Up Your Life modules and get inspiration from the depth of conversation with other participants in the group. After each call you’ll receive activities for you to work so that you can take inspired action toward your goals.

    Full Moon Circles

    Sacred ceremonies to connect on a deeper level with the women in your group as well as to clear out any thoughts, energy, or habits that no longer serve you. During these experiences you’ll have time for reflection, journaling, and open sharing about anything that you are ready to overcome. These circles are an opportunity to experience authentic relating with other women and to discover the power of sisterhood (being unconditionally supported and loved) by other women.

    Voice Note Support

    Designed to guide you through any challenges that come up along the way. As you start to step out of your comfort zone to elevate your mindset and your lifestyle, there will be times where you’ll want a little extra love! The weekly voice note support is designed to move you through these challenges with ease + grace and to remind you that you are not alone on your journey