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Light Up Your Life.

A 10-week coaching experience for women who are ready to rediscover their happiness, connect to their intuition, and radiant confidence from within!

A sneak peak of what’s included in the program:

  • Discover the REAL you and get clear on what you want to create in your life
  • Identify the limiting beliefs that are hiding in your subconscious mind that are keeping you stuck
  • REPROGRAM your limiting beliefs so that you can release the thoughts and habits that hold you back and FINALLY show up as the woman you've always known you could be.
  • Discover how to listen to your intuition and how to trust yourself with small and big decisions in your life.
  • Cultivate a deep sense of self-love and feel worthy of the career and relationship that you deeply desire.
  • Embody your feminine energy to create more pleasure, passion, and calmness in your life
  • Integrate your new mindset into your everyday decisions so that you finally transform your relationships, your career, and your health.

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Who is this program for?

Light Up Your Life is designed for women who are tired of letting their mindset hold them back and are READY to fall in love with their life again. If you fit the following description… let’s connect!
  • You are a professional woman who works a 9-5 or owns her own business
  • You are ready to take control of your life and uplevel your mindset
  • You can’t wait to start feeling happy, confident, and comfortable in your own skin
  • You’re coachable, you thrive with accountability, and you are EXCITED to change your life
  • You are ready to invest in yourself and are EXCITED to take action

What You Will Get On Your Light Up Your Life Journey

  • 8x group coaching calls to receive coaching, accountability, and support. There will be time for Q & A on all of the calls.
  • 8x pre-recorded modules so that you can learn the neuroscience and mindset tools to reprogram your limiting beliefs and discover the most confident, radiant, and energized version of yourself.
  • 8x guided meditations and 8-worksheets to practice and implement the effective mindset tools that you learn in the modules
  • 2x full moon circles to process and release stuck energy that is blocking you from experiencing lighter emotions like joy, peace, calm, and love
  • Voice Note Messaging to get coaching in between sessions and have support from the other members in the group.

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Play Video
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