Feminine Frequency Journey

A 6-week spiritual journey to access your feminine radiance, aliveness, and magnetism.


Hi Beautiful Soul! 

Since you are here reading this right now, it’s clear that your soul already knows that there is a NEW way of operating in your life.

The old paradigm of following the rules, going through the motions, and feeling disconnected from yourself is not working anymore. 

Our patriarchal society has taught you to fit into a mold, to strive for success, and to suppress the most beautiful parts of yourself. 

You’ve already tried being the ‘good girl,’ ‘the perfectionist’, and ‘the people pleaser.’

You’ve followed the conventional pathway to success but you still find yourself feeling empty, unhappy or unfulfilled.

Yet there is a little voice inside of you that knows that there is MORE to life and that it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Your soul is craving more radiance, aliveness, and magnetism. She wants you to slow down, to tune in, and to remember. 

Because this is the way that it was meant to be all along. 

The Feminine Way is the path to living a soul-aligned life that feels expansive, authentic, and fulfilling. 

Through this new paradigm, you will reconnect with your truth, rediscover your passion, reawaken your pleasure, and shine your light brighter in the world. 

From this place, you will become an energetic match to attract the relationships, money, and lifestyle that you deeply desire. 

Your soul is calling you to come back home to yourself. 

And to become the empowered feminine being that you were created to be. 

Now is the time to release the old paradigm and embrace the Feminine that is rising within you. 

The Feminine Frequency Journey:

This 6-week guided group journey will awaken your feminine spirit and align you with your soul. Here is a sneak peek of the pathway we will take to get there.


Week 1: Alignment

Our first week is all about creating daily rituals that support you in getting alignment with your soul. Creating space to listen to the whispers of your soul is the key to awakening your feminine energy. 


Week 2: Alchemy

As a feminine being, you are constantly navigating the full spectrum of human emotion. This week you will learn a powerful process to alchemize your emotions so that you can come back into alignment with yourself.


Week 3: Activation

Your intuition is your feminine superpower. In this chapter of our journey together, you will learn how to activate your intuition so that you can start to experience more clarity, flow, and ease.


Week 4: Aliveness 

One of the fastest ways to experience more aliveness in your life is to connect to your relationship with pleasure. This week we will be exploring various embodiment practices to bring more pleasure into your everyday experience.


Week 5: Abundance 

Connect to the frequency of abundance and open to receive money with more ease and flow. In this week we will elevate your money mindset, release scarcity, and improve your relationship with money.


Week 6: Attraction 

In our final week together we will turn up the volume of your self-expression so that you can become the most magnetic version of yourself. You’ll learn a step-by-step manifesting process and practice the art of non-attachment, receiving, and surrender. 

The Feminine Frequency Journey is a self-paced course. You will get access to module 1 immediately upon registration.

The Investment:

$555 or 2x payments of $295

Bonus trainings included:

  • Sacred Sexy Boundaries
  • Activate Your Money Codes
  • Embody Your Confidence

Meet your guide

Hi Goddess, I’m Amy.

As a women’s empowerment coach and certified Embody teacher, I’m here to guide you back home to your soul and to create a life that lights you up.

Prior to my Spiritual Awakening, I struggled with depression, anxiety, and felt disconnected from my joy. I followed the traditional path of going to college, getting married, and buying a house.

My life looked picture perfect on the outside but I couldn’t understand why I felt so unfulfilled and empty on the inside.

Eventually, I hit rock bottom and cried out for support from the Universe.

From the moment I surrendered, my entire life transformed.

I ended up getting divorced, shifting the focus of my coaching business, and finally living the life that my soul was destined for.

My greatest joy is empowering women to live a life that is true to their soul, a life where they can be their authentic selves and experience pleasure, passion, and joy! 

Are you ready to become the most radiant, alive, and magnetic version of yourself?

The Investment:

$555 or 2x payments of $295


"This program helped me to get more in tune with myself. I feel like I am back to making time for myself despite my full schedule. I’m implementing little things daily that I wasn’t before."

- Melissa R

"The Feminine Frequency Journey is a great introduction to working with Amy and a nice continuation of the journey for podcast listeners too!"

- Livia M.

"My #1 take-away from the Feminine Frequency journey I am a Divine Feminine being. This program helped is helping me to develop my intuition and find my truest self."

- Berlin W.

"I have already been able to use the skills I have learned from the Feminine Frequency Journey to communicate and support the women in my family in a more loving way. I have always felt that I did not fit in anywhere.

I now know it was never the goal for me to fit in but to be my authentic self and shine a light of love on this world. Thank you Amy for providing a judgment-free space for me to be free!!!"

- Kiariie B

"Going through the Feminine Frequency Journey with Amy was incredibly supportive! The way she holds space for others is inspiring. I loved getting to experience her energy and the sessions often helped to shift me into a more grounded place."

- Sierra Adas

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I fall behind?

You will have LIFETIME access to the material so you can always come back to it at a later time.

Do you offer refunds?

There are NO refunds for this course. Making an investment in yourself is an opportunity to practice trusting yourself fully AND trusting me as your guide. 

What’s the format of the course?

Each week you will get access to one new module (60-90 min each) along with guided meditations, and embodiment practices. You will have weekly assignments that will take 20 minutes or less per day.

How do I know I am going to get results?

The only way you would not get results is if you don’t watch the recordings or do the 'playwork'. This course is an energy transmission and simply by showing up, you will gain transformational insight and wisdom.