Step into Your Calling, Elevate Your Confidence, Radiate Your Magic

A 2-Day empowerment event for women to Embody their Feminine leadership and become the coach, healer, and lightworker that they were born to be.

December 11 + December 12, 2021 

9am-3:30 PST/ 12pm- 6:30pm EST



Hi Queen,

I see you. 

Even if we haven’t personally met yet, I want you to know that I am SO proud of you

You’ve been doing the inner work to overcome your patterns and blocks to become the best version of yourself. 

You’ve read plenty of books, listened to podcasts (maybe even mine!), and you’ve worked with therapists (or coaches) to bring awareness to your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

You’ve come so far on your journey, and now you are ready to go DEEPER.  

Your soul is guiding you to make a difference.

You know that you have beautiful gifts and wisdom to offer and you want to make a difference in the world. 

You crave deeper intimacy and connection with yourself and want to experience more pleasure and abundance in your everyday life. 

You want to put yourself out there, to be visible, to share your voice, and to show up as your most unapologetic self

Deep down, you know that there is MORE available for you and that there is still another layer that is blocking you from being your most FULLY expressed self.

Oh, and also, you wouldn’t mind having better sex and more intimacy in your love life.

I know exactly where you are at because I have been there too.

And eventually I got tired of being the one standing in my own way.

I got to a point where my SOUL was speaking so loudly to me and I felt so deeply connected to my desires that I wasn’t willing to stay stuck anymore.

If you’re experiencing the loud voices of imposter syndrome that tell you that ‘you’re not ready yet...

...or if you’re afraid of what other people are going to think about you, I want you to know that you are not alone. 

These fears are totally a normal part of the process when you are stepping into your soul calling and revealing your true self to the world.  

But you have a choice. You can either keep letting these fears and doubts get in the way…

Or, you can try a new approach to support you in finally showing up as the Empowered + Embodied woman that you came here to be. 

This is exactly what is available for you when you join me for...

The Empowered + Embodied Experience. 

In these two days I am going to guide you through powerful mindset upgrades, energy activations, and embodiment practices to support you in accessing your next level of confidence, abundance, and expression. 

I can’t wait to play with you in this space!


What to expect

  • Transformational mindset trainings led by Amy Natalie on all things purpose, vision, abundance, intuition, pleasure, and so much more....
  • Experiential Embodiment practices to connect with your inner wisdom and activate your life-force energy for increased clarity, creativity, and joy
  • Live coaching and breakout sessions to receive support and insight on your personal goals + desires 
  • Guided meditations and visualizations for self-reflection and expansion of your vision for 2022. 
  • Surrounding yourself with an empowering Sisterhood Community to feel inspired and to cultivate heart-centered authentic connections

The Agenda

DAY ONE =Empower

This day is focused on empowering your mindset with thoughts and beliefs that align with your highest self. These sessions are designed to expand your vision for your purpose, relationships, and capacity to elevate your abundance. 

Empowerment Session #1: Uncovering and Releasing Limiting Beliefs 

Empowerment Session #2: Connecting With Your ‘Higher Self’ Vision

Empowerment Session #3: Empowered Feminine Guest Panel

Empowerment Session #4: Reprogramming Your Beliefs + Energy Calibration 

DAY TWO = Embody

This day is focused on connecting to the wisdom of your body through guided movement and embodiment practices. We will go deeper into connecting with your authentic self and activate your next level of self-expression. 

Embodiment Session #1: Embody Class to Explore Your Authentic Expression

Embodiment Session #2: Guided Breathwork Session w/ Bre Andserson

Embodiment Session #3: Embodied Abundance Session  

Embodiment Session #4: Wealth Creation Through Your Soul Calling 

Each day you will have opportunities for self-reflection

along with small break-out groups for intimate connections.

*order of sessions + topics are subject to change



A 6-month journey for conscious women to feel fully expressed and step into their feminine leadership.

"Amy's Embodiment classes are so liberating and nourishing for the soul! As a former dancer and now yoga teacher, I am used to connecting with my body, but this class takes it to a new level.

I love how Amy creates a space that makes you feel truly empowered, and allows you to explore a range of emotions in each session.

I felt connected to her, to myself and to the other women so quickly (even virtually!)."

- Livia Marati

"My experience working with Amy has been LIFE CHANGING. I don't think I knew what the word "Empowerment" meant until I experienced the transformation in all areas of my life as a result of working with her.

What I loved most about working with Amy is that no matter what I came to her with - I never felt judged or misunderstood. She always has unconditional love for her clients and she held such sacred space during our sessions.

Amy has seen me like no one else has, and loved me through many challenges during my journey. She continually reminds me of the truth of who I am and always believed in me. No matter what was going on in my life, Amy had the perfect tool, question, or technique to help me move through it, and discover the answers that have always been within me.

Amy is a powerful Coach and investing in her support was the best decision of my life. Investing in my healing and growth has forever changed my life and I recommend Amy's coaching to anyone who feels ready for all they desire to come their way. "

- Jennie Lynn

"Amy is a gift. I felt deeply connected to her after only one session. She is warm and nurturing and can push you to go further inward. She challenged me to confront emotions, thoughts and habits I didn’t know existed. I am still in awe at her ability to know exactly what to talk about and when to talk about it.

Each and every session with her was enjoyable and left me feeling grounded, whole, and connected with my soul. I would absolutely recommend Amy to anyone in need of spiritual support and guidance.

If you feel stuck, out of control, and/or feel like you aren’t living your life to its fullest potential, Amy is the most magnificent resource for your healing journey. It is so important to invest in your mental health and wellbeing, and Amy will give you the tools you need and can integrate into your life in order to live as your true, authentic, and powerful self." 

- Paige DeGesero

Meet your guide

Hi Goddess, I’m Amy.

As a women’s empowerment coach and certified Embody teacher, I’m here to guide you back home to your soul and to create a life that lights you up.

Prior to my Spiritual Awakening, I struggled with depression, anxiety, and felt disconnected from my joy. I followed the traditional path of going to college, getting married, and buying a house.

My life looked picture perfect on the outside but I couldn’t understand why I felt so unfulfilled and empty on the inside.

Eventually, I hit rock bottom and cried out for support from the Universe.

From the moment I surrendered, my entire life transformed.

I ended up getting divorced, shifting the focus of my coaching business, and finally living the life that my soul was destined for.

My greatest joy is empowering women to live a life that is true to their soul, a life where they can be their authentic selves and experience pleasure, passion, and joy! 


Join us!

The Empowered + Embodied Experience will be held on December 11 + December 12, 2021.

Time: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm PST / 12:00 pm - 6:30 pm EST

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