It’s time to start being the powerful, courageous, and magnetic woman you know you are meant to be. Scroll down to discover how!


  • You’re ready to live your life from a place of passion instead of letting self-doubt run the show
  • You deeply desire to put yourself out there more in dating and your career.
  • You want to feel fulfilled every day and know that you are making a difference.
  • You’re yearning to be your authentic self in ALL areas of your life.
  • You want to get in touch with your intuition and trust yourself to make decisions without second-guessing yourself


  • You have great ideas but you don’t trust yourself to follow through with them.
  • You let fear drive your decisions and you keep playing it safe instead of going after what you desire
  • You constantly seek external validation and second-guess yourself on every decision, big or small
  • You know that you are capable of so much more and you feel disappointed in yourself and keep falling short
  • You’re afraid that even when things are going well that you’ll sabotage your efforts and won’t be able to maintain it. 

It’s time to unleash your confidence from within and show up boldly in all areas of your life.

INTRODUCING...Discover Your Confidence: A 6-week digital course designed to help you feel confident in your relationships, your career, and your everyday life.

I'm Ready To Discover My Confidence!!!


This program is for you if:

  • You’re committed to creating powerful, sustainable change in your life
  • You’re ready to start thriving
  • You’ve tried other online programs, listened to podcasts, and read books but your life isn’t working how you want it to
  • You’re willing to support other women who are on this journey with you

This program is NOT you if:

  • You don’t believe that there’s a better way/that something better exists.
  • You buy all the things, but never do the work.
  • You’re not willing to commit to trying something new

Here's a taste of what you'll learn each week when you join me: 


Identify hidden thought patterns that are keeping you stuck in and discover how to create new thought patterns so you can get unstuck and take action.


Wake up the innate value that you’ve had inside of you all along. This will help you to create healthy boundaries to protect your precious time and energy.


Overcome your negative self-talk and become your own best friend. Learn how to cultivate a meaningful and supportive relationship with yourself


IGNITE and activate your intuition so that you feel connected to your truth. You'll also rebuild trust within yourself so that you can make decisions confidently.


Learn an advanced framework for romantic relationships and how to communicate with confidence. Find out how to magnetize a soulful relationship.


Get clarity around your career and develop the confidence to put yourself out there. You'll also gain insight on how to create a fulfilling AND financially abundant career.


"Amy’s coaching has brought me back into remembrance of coming back home to Self and reminded me to bask in gratitude. Completing Discover Your Confidence has allowed me to dig deeper into some unprocessed wounds and get started with clear momentum on my next chapter. The journal prompts, meditations, reflections, and pearls of wisdom will stay with me for a lifetime.

Amy’s coaching has been a big part of laboring me into this next phase of embodied business owner. I am excited to share that I was brave to do my first photoshoot for my website!"

- Angela, Holistic Psychotherapist, Age 36, San Diego

I’ve noticed that it’s easier and more natural for me to ask for what I want, especially at work. I did a lot of introspection and discovery on my worthiness so this has started to manifest when I ask, unapologetically, for what it is that I want. Before, my inner voice would have told me to stay small, that I’m not worthy of this or that but I’ve learned to gently move that voice aside and tell her she is not welcome. My husband even calls me Kristina 2.0!”

Kristina, Head of Strategic Marketing, Google Cloud, Age 37, San Diego

“What I love most about working with Amy is her gentle, but yet powerful way of guiding progress. She has a true gift of seeing an individual's process and can observe it from a pure perspective of appreciation and without judgment. I feel completely safe to grow, be vulnerable, and take risks with her. I learn deeply about who I am and find peace in the process.

Her work extends beyond the period of coaching and has an impact following. I love her nature of soul expression and connection to help growth and expression. 

I have noticed the result of my mindset since I started working with Amy that I am experiencing a deeper understanding of my worthiness. I feel more clear in who I am and how I can express myself. I am finding peace and love within myself, which I am able to give out to the world in a greater capacity.

I am still doing mindset work, and I am continuing to see the results. 

What I’ve created through working with Amy are positive changes in my relationships overall in terms of how I express myself, and an understanding of what real confidence looks like, free from ego or expectations. I’m also experiencing a deeper level of self-love, clarity with my vision, and a critical understanding of how I have been limiting myself to not dream of greater things.

I would without hesitation, recommend Amy. I LOVE the work that I have done with her in all aspects: from the community of empowered, growth-minded women, to the knowledge that she carefully imparts.”

- Laurel, Non-Profit Executive Director, Age 39, New Mexico

How it works

  • When you enroll in Discover Your Confidence Digital, you will be automatically directed into the course site with immediate access to Module 1: Fear-Less!
  • You will receive a confirmation email from both Teachable (where the course is hosted!) and a welcome email from me.
  • You will receive an email every week when the next week's module becomes available.
  • If you enroll before Tuesday, August 4th you will receive an email with information on the early bird bonuses (2 live group coaching calls). The calls will be recorded if you can't attend live.
  • The modules are pre-recorded from Discover Your Confidence Live. You will not only get all the juicy information and teachings from each session, but get to watch them on your own time!
  • Each module includes a video lesson, guided meditation, and printable "homework."
  • You can stream (or download) the content from your desktop or mobile device.
  • While I recommend going through the modules each week, you will have lifetime access to the course, so you can go at your own pace!

It’s time to unleash your confidence from within and show up boldly in all areas of your life.  

When you enroll in DISCOVER YOUR CONFIDENCE, you receive:

  • 6x recorded confidence trainings
  • 6x guided mindset meditations 
  • Guided weekly practices for implementation


  • Body-Image Training ($200 Value!!!)
  • Take Your Power Back Training ($200 Value!!!)


“Working with Amy has helped me develop my sense of self-love and given me the confidence to stand in my worth and implement healthy boundaries (something I’ve always struggled with) at work and in my personal life.”

Samantha Clements, 28 years old, Marine Biologist, San Diego CA

“I used to experience depression, anxiety, panic attacks and had other health issues. 

After working with Amy, I am feeling a whole new sense of empowerment and self-respect than I ever knew was possible for me. I now understand what it truly means to embody your own power and to live life from love rather than fear. I am showing up in my relationships with my family, friends and colleagues in a grounded and patient way.”

Rose Lombardo, Professional Musician, 31 years old, San Diego, CA

"After completing Discover Your Confidence, I feel a lot more calm, relaxed, and centered. I feel more mentally/emotionally equipped to reframe when my mindset is anxious or fearful. My physical body feels less tense and I do not worry as much as I used to.  

Some of the changes I’ve made in my life is that I now have a consistent meditation practice and I intentionally make time almost every day to ground myself and remind myself to surrender. 

Through these practices, I’ve personally felt an increase in my confidence and my worthiness. I also notice a greater sense of peace and feel less attached from the outcomes in my life (which was stressing me out before.) 

My most unexpected takeaway was to surrender & trust to the process. Things will work out the way they need to. This is the ultimate confidence. 

It feels really great to know that other people have noticed a change in my energy - they have told me that I seem less anxious and more grounded and confident. 

I really enjoyed working with Amy because she is centered, grounded, and wise. Her demeanor is very calming and she approaches her coaching sessions without judgment and with deep empathy and presence for her clients. Amy provided a safe container for our coaching group while simultaneously challenging us to grow and expand."

 - Tara, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Age 31, New Mexico


Meet Amy Pamensky...

It’s time to take action and unleash your confidence from within so that you can finally experience the passionate, fulfilling, and inspiring life you’ve been daydreaming of.


6x recorded confidence trainings (Value $1000) 

6x guided mindset meditations ($300)

Guided weekly practices ($300) 

2x Bonus Trainings ($400)



Payment plan available** 3x payments of $119