Reconnect With Your

Feminine Energy

To Awaken Your Pleasure, Aliveness, and Vitality

The Feminine Way book resources

Welcome Queen!

Congratulations for making your way to the book resources page!

This is a clear sign of your devotion to living in The Feminine Way.

Below, you’ll find guided meditations and embodiment practices to support you in implementing the wisdom of the Feminine Codes into your everyday life.

You may go through these practices one by one as you read through the accompanying concepts in the book. Or, you may intuitively choose which practices you feel most drawn to.

Either way, these practices are designed to be listened to more than once. You can come back to them during your daily devotion practices, or whenever you feel like you need to reconnect with your feminine energy.

But wait…

There’s more! 

If you’re ready to dive deeper into your Feminine Embodiment journey, the next step is to explore the Embody Your Feminine Bundle.

This bundle includes 3x guided classes to help you:

You’ll also get access to the playlists and some guided journal prompts with each session.

To purchase the bundle for $22, click the button below!

Stefi Lane

Amy’s Embodiment Class connects you with the heart and soul. I felt so held in her presence as she guided, cued, and invited me to move my body. After her class, I felt a deep soul release and the safety to be more vulnerable with others and loving. If you want to connect with your sexy soul, then she’s your lady

Cole Bambino

Throughout Amy’s Embodiment Class, I felt sensual, playful, and free in my body. It felt amazing to be able to shift out of my mind and into my body.  I was able to see parts of myself that I wasn’t seeing before, which allowed me to feel more confident in my self-expression!


Amy’s Embodiment Class was so liberating and nourishing for the soul! As a former dancer and now yoga teacher, I am used to connecting with my body, but this class takes it to a new level. I love how Amy creates a space that makes you feel truly empowered, and allows you to explore a range of emotions in the session.



Access 5 free guided meditations to boost your confidence, clear your
mind, and connect to your intuition so that you can be the happiest
version of yourself!